Seven more civilians starve to death in Syria’s Madaya despite aid arrival


Syrians wait for the arrival of an aid convoy, Jan. 11, 2016, in the besieged town of Madaya. (AFP)

ARA News 

DAMASCUS – At least seven people starved to death on Sunday in the stricken Syrian town of Madaya in Damascus suburb, local sources reported.

“Seven more people died due to malnutrition in Madaya,” said Dr. Khalid Muhammad Khalid, head of Madaya medical center. 

Khalid added that the U.N. aid convoy could not cover all the needs of people in Madaya, who have been suffering a sharp shortage of food for weeks.

“The increasing death tolls in Madaya reflect the serious crisis in this stricken town. The international community is required to do more; otherwise, we will witness more deaths due to starvation in the coming days,” he said. 

More than 35 civilians have starved to death in Madaya over the past four weeks due to a siege imposed by forces loyal to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Last week, a humanitarian convoy has finally reached the besieged Syrian town of Madaya with life-saving health and food supplies from the United Nations and its partners for the 42,000 desperate residents after reports of people starving to death under encirclement by pro-regime forces. 

However, activists reported that the aid was insufficient as it couldn’t reach thousands of people in the town. 

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, Dr. Nizar Hani said: “The stranded people of Madaya need an intensive health care, as the arrival of food cannot remove the disastrous consequences of starvation suffered by the victims over the past few weeks.” 

Reporting by: Mir Yaqoub

Source: ARA News

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