ISIS executes its own militants on charges of treason


An ISIS militant reading a statement prior to the execution of an Iraqi man in Mosul. File photo

ARA News 

ERBIL – The extremist group of Islamic State (ISIS) has executed four of its own militants in the eastern Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor on charges of “treason”, local sources reported on Wednesday.

Two of the militants were beheaded for “leaking security information to the Syrian army”, the others were accused of trying to escape the battlefront in Deir ez-Zor. 

“ISIS beheaded the four militants in a public square in central Deir ez-Zor and left their dead bodies on the ground until Wednesday midnight,” media activist Saray Addin told ARA News. 

One of the beheaded militants was identified as Rami al-Sayo, a member of the ISIS-led Islamic Police. Another militant was identified as Hamid Madani, a member of al-Husba committee which is responsible for collecting taxes from shop owners in Deir ez-Zor. 

“The other two militants, whose identities remained unknown, were executed for trying to escape a battlefield in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor,” Addin said. 

The source pointed out that ISIS started executing its own militants in public to show its strict commitment to its own rules in front of people.


The radical group last week beheaded five Russian nationals accused of spying against the ISIS self-declared caliphate, informed sources reported. 

This comes only one week after another Russian national was beheaded on the same charges, according to a video released by ISIS. 

Khasiev Magomid, 24, was a Chechen national who had entered the ISIS-held territory under the name of “Haroun” by order from the Russian intelligence. Magomid was beheaded in a chilling video two weeks ago by a Russian member of ISIS identified as Anatoly Zemlyanka.  

However, the identities of the five Russians executed recently remained unknown. 

“Leadership of the Islamic State tries to capture all Russian and Chechen spies who have infiltrated into the caliphate’s territory, that’s why today’s operation (execution of the five Russians) was kept confidential,” an ISIS-linked media worker in Raqqa told ARA News, on the condition of anonymity for security concerns. 

“The five Russian spies were beheaded after providing information on an organized network of spies sent by the enemies of the caliphate to gain security information,” the source said. “Their identities were not uncovered because the Islamic State’s leadership tries to pursue other members of this network before they escape.” 

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef and Eyaz Ciziri 

Source: ARA News 

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