ISIS militant cries and screams after being captured by Kurdish forces


ISIS militant cries after being captured by Kurdish forces. Photo: Liveleak

ARA News 

DUHOK – A militant of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, who was captured by Kurdish Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq, was seen in a video crying and screaming.

The video, which went viral on Saturday, shows the ISIS fighter blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back, sitting in the back of a truck.

As one of the Kurdish fighters questions him in Arabic, the captured militant starts crying and screaming.

The video went viral online under the banner “This is the moment an ISIS fighter cries like a baby after being captured by Kurdish soldiers”.

The U.S.-backed Kurdish forces have made a remarkable advance against the radical group.

In northern Iraq, the Peshmerga army regained the Yezidi region of Sinjar (Shingal) after fierce battles with ISIS militants two weeks ago.

This coincided with Syrian Kurds and allies regaining more than 200 villages and towns from the terror group. 

“ISIS terrorists have shown the world all brutality one could imagine, but when they are captured by our fighters they start crying like babies,” Kurdish Peshmerga fighter Chalak Hawrami told ARA News. 

Reporting by: Eyaz Ciziri

Source: ARA News 

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