Dozens of Kurdish civilians abducted by Islamists north Aleppo



ARA News

Manbij, Aleppo, Syria− Kurdish residents in the city of Manbij, north Aleppo, are exposed to a campaign of abduction and confiscation of private property by Islamist groups since last week. 

The al-Qaeda affiliated fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) targeted Kurdish families in Manbij under the pretext of overcoming any possible control in the area by the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG). 

Dozens of Kurdish residents were abducted in Manbij, houses evacuated of families, sources told ARA News

Activists said that the opposition’s Free Syrian Army (FSA), although in control in Aleppo’s suburbs, didn’t intervene to stop the ISIS practices against the Kurds in Manbij. 

The Syrian National Coalition (SNC) −opposition’s extended body− didn’t issue any statements on Manbij incidents. The SNC and FSA were accused by Kurdish activists of cooperating with al-Qaeda and support the group’s practices against Kurds in Aleppo and its suburbs. 

“More than 150 Kurds were abducted by the ISIS over the last week,” an activist, who preferred anonymity, told ARA News. “Apparently, those are taken as hostages by al-Qaeda’s ISIS to put pressure on the Kurdish fighters and threaten them of advancing towards Aleppo.” 

Kurdish women and children in Manbij city were detained by ISIS on charges of supporting the YPG forces and its political leadership of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). 

“Hundreds of Kurds have been displaced due to the practices of Islamist fighters in the city,” the activist said. “We will not leave the city; otherwise, the Kurdish flag would never rise in the city of Manbej. We will hold arms against al-Qaeda fighters if needed.”

According to media activists, most of the Kurdish residents who were abducted in Manbij have been transferred to the city of Jarablus, north-west of Syria, were Islamists and allies of ISIS group are in control. 

Arbitrary campaign of arrests was also carried out by the group in al-Baba city, north of Aleppo. 

Kurdish activists called on the political parties to help Kurds in Allepo, Manbij and al-Bab who suffer amid the increasing repression and arbitrary practices of the Islamist fighters. 


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar and Egid Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid) 


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