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Rumelan, Syria− The Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) took a decision of taking part in the alleged conference of Geneva II, which is basically meant to bring together representatives of the Syrian regime and the opposition to hold talks and find a political solution for the ongoing crisis in the country.

In its meeting in Qamishli last week, the KNC decided to participate in Geneva II, but under the condition of recognizing the KNC as a genuine participant whose voice will be heard among other opposition factions.

The KNC has recently joined the Syrian opposition’s largest body, the Syrian National Coalition, after several meetings and negotiations.

According to observers, the Kurdish council took its decision to join the coalition’s factions in order to be able to play an active role during the forthcoming conference in Geneva. 

Walat Auje, member of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), told ARA News that the KNC’s meeting last week was basically held to discuss the possibility of joining the Geneva II and whether to be independently represented or as a part of the Syrian National Coalition.

“Actually, the main goal is to convey the voice of the Kurdish people and represent them and their legitimate rights during the conference, no matter within the coalition or outside it,” said Aujey. 

The KNC is a coalition of several Kurdish parties represented by 75 members. The council was found after months of the outbreak of the ongoing crisis in Syria. 

“The council bear the responsibility of accomplishing the demands and aspirations of the Kurdish people in Syria, and that requires active participation and representation in all different conferences and meetings,” Auje added. “All opportunities should be seized until reaching a fair solution for the Kurdish issue in Syria.”

Due to the instability and violence that erupted in several Kurdish areas in northern Syria, KNC members in Tel Abyad, Afrin and Kobane couldn’t take part in the meeting that took place in the Kurdish city of Qamishlo/Qamishli. 

“However, the majority of members were present, and we emphasized the importance of reaching a consensus on our participation in Geneva II,” Auje said. 

Kurdish activists argued that the KNC is divided in its ranks, and disputes prevented the council from playing any essential role since its establishment more than two years ago. 

Abdulsalam Ahmad, the Co-chair of the Kurdish People’s Council of Western Kurdistan (Syria’s Kurdish region), said in a recent interview with ARA News that the Kurdish National Council’s (KNC) step of joining the opposition’s Syrian National Coalition (SNC) is a “political and historical mistake”, emphasizing on the Kurd’s right to have their independent political decision-making under the leadership of the Kurdish Supreme Committee (KSC)−coalition of several Kurdish parties led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

No clear date is set up yet for the alleged Geneva II conference, as disputes erupted between the different international and regional powers on the conditions determined by both the opposition and the Syrian regime, which makes the path to a political solution hard for all parties. 


Report by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News


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