Kurds demonstrate, calling on Syrian regime to release detained activists



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Qamishli, Syria− Hundreds of Kurdish residents of Qamishlo/Qamishli city took to the street calling on the Assad regime to release dozens of imprisoned Kurdish activists and opposition members.

Civil activist groups and members of Kurdish political parties participated in the demonstration that took place in the city centre on Friday. Photos of detainees and Kurdish national flags were waved by the demonstrators who showed a challenge to the pro-regime security forces in the city.  

Since the start of the ongoing “Syrian uprising”, tens of thousands of activists were arbitrarily arrested and tortured by the Syrian regime, sources said. Among them were dozens of Kurdish political and civil activists like Hussein Essou, a prominent Kurdish writer and civil activist; Bahzad Dorsin, leading member of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria; youth activist Khabat Simo and others.

The demonstrators intended to emphasize concept of “civil resistance against tyranny” amid the devastating conflict between the regime army and the opposition. 

“We are demonstrating today to insist our determination to practice pressure on the suppressive authorities to release all Kurdish activists and other Syrians,” said  Khalid Amin, who emphasized that no permission was needed to demonstrate, in reference to the Kurdish forces of the Asayish−linked to the PYD, who are in control in several areas in Qamishli. 

The Syrian security forces and the Asayish are jointly running the city of Qamishli, sources revealed.

The recently released Kurdish youth activist Cegerxwin Mullah Ahmad, who was imprisoned by the Syrian authorities for more than 17 months in Aleppo, delivered a speech during the demonstration in which he emphasized the determination to continue his activities until accomplishing the goal of freedom for all Kurds and Syrians.

“We are here today to call on the dicatorical regime and oppressive authorities that nothing can defeat the people’s will,” he said. “We demand the authorities to release all activists who are detained and we will never give up looking for freedom and democracy.” 

Kawa Malak, member of the General Council of the Kurdish Youth Movement in Syria, told ARA News that Qamishli’s demonstration could be seen as a “signal to the continuity of the civil spirit of the Syrian revolution”.

“By showing solidarity with detained activists through such a peaceful demonstration, we are emphasizing that the spirit of civil resistance still exists in Syria, at least in Qamishlo,” Malak said. 

On her part, Yusra Ismail, member of the Free Kurdish Women organization told ARA News that the Syrian people suffered enough from “dictatorship and tyranny” over decades of Assad rule.

“Oppression can never survive forever. We are here to demand freedom for ourselves and our detainees,” Ismail said. “The brutal practices of the regime over decades led to the current revolution, and this can not be over without reaching the popularly aspired freedom.”

The writer and civil activist Hussein Essou is detained since September 2011 by the regime’s security forces in the city of Hasakah. Human Rights Watch reported in a recently published portal that Essou suffers under poor conditions in detention and his health is deteriorating. The HRW portal was published under the title Hussein Essou, Peaceful Activist

A former detainee who was in prison with Essou told his family that the officials transferred Essou to the Air Force Intelligence branch in the neighborhood of Mazzeh in Damascus, in December 2012.

The former detainee said that when he saw Hussein last time, the lower half of his body paralyzed. “A doctor examined Hussein during his detention and said that he is suffering neurological medullary damage as he was not injured before,” The former detainee added.

Before his arrest, Hussein has led a demonstration in late August 2011 in front of the Attorney General’s office in Hasakah demanding the release of peaceful activists, including Kurds and Arabs all alike.


Report by: Ahmad Shiwesh

Source: ARA News


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