Syrian opposition demands ban on regime air power



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Syria’s opposition demanded on Sunday that the international community move to impose a ban on the Damascus regime’s use of its air power in urban areas, in addition to its chemical weapons.

“The Syrian National Coalition insists that the prohibition of chemical weapons, the use of which has left more than 1,400 civilians dead, be extended to the use of ballistic missiles and aircraft against urban areas,” it said in a statement.

The National Coalition recognized the need to “seize this opportunity to halt the regime’s campaign against and to end the suffering of the Syrian people.”

“We should not allow the Syrian regime to use its accession to the as an excuse to continue killing Syrian people and escape punishment,” said the statement.

“Securing the regime’s chemical weapons must be accompanied by a search for justice with the perpetrators of the chemical weapons attacks brought before the .”

In addition, the Syrian coalition asked supporters to strengthen the opposition’s military capabilities.

By doing so, this would enable it to “neutralize” the regime’s air power and force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to end his military campaign.

The coalition highlighted the need to accept a political solution to guarantee a democratic transition.


Source: AFP



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