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Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistanــ  As the number of Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region dramatically increases, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) opened new refugee centers in the suburb of Erbil and Sulemaniye, beside the Domiz camp in Duhok province. 

Official records confirmed that the number of Syrian refugees in the Iraqi Kurdistan has recently reached more than 200,000, with a majority of women and children.

In August, approximately 50,000 Syrian Kurds crossed the Iraqi Kurdistan borders and received shelter. August refugee influx into the Kurdistan Region is considered the largest since the start of the 30-month-old war in Syria. 

In the Duhok province not only Domiz Camp receives refugees, the ancient Castle of Akire provides shelters for hundreds of Syrians. 

Last week, more than 1500 Syrian refugees −resorted to the Region from different Syrian Kurdish areas− received shelters and food in the castle by some Kurdistani volunteers. 

The famous Castle of Akire was the first place to receive the refugees in the start of the Syrians’ influx in the Iraqi Kurdistan. Refugees are also provided with relatively sufficient health facilities in addition to the necessary supplies for a temporary overnight stay there. 

Akire Castle is secured by the Kurdistan security forces of the Asayish, who generally assist the refugee families with the registration in the governmental office that was recently opened in the ancient location to coordinate the transfer procedure of the Syrian refugees who enter the castle and are transferred later on to other refugee camps, to be replaced by new comers.  

One of the Asayish members in the area told ARA News that other numbers of refugees are on their way to the Castle “which can accommodate almost 5,000 people”. 

“We do our best to facilitate the receiving and transfer procedures of the refugees, trying to provide them with sufficient food, health care and security,” the Asayish member said.


Source: ARA News

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