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Qamishli, Syria − On Sunday, Sept. 1,  an armed group riding a ‘black jeep‘ assassinated the young Kurdish activist Ahmad Farman Bonjiq in front of the “Abdulahad Younan” primary school in al-Ashouria (Assyrian) neighborhood in Qamishli.

According to Bonjiq’s family, the same jeep has been chasing him for more than three days before being shot on Sunday. 

A source in Qamishli told ARA News that the last time when the car followed him, Bonjiq walked towards the group asking them about the reason for chasing him. “But what happened is that the group opened fire on him, shooting him three bullets in the head and chest,” the source said. “As the car moved away, Bonjiq was taken to the Qamishli National Hospital, but he lost his life before reaching the hospital.”

Ahmed Furman Bonjiq, 19, was born in the north-eastern Syrian city of Qamishlo/al-Qamishi, where Kurds form a majority of the population. He was a member of the civil organization of Students Union of Qamishlo. 

According to an activist in Qamishli, who preferred to remain anonymous, the Union’s office, located next to the al-Sharq gas station, has been attacked nearly a month ago by the Asayish forces −the security wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Bonjiq, who was receiving a military training in a military camp in the Iraqi Kurdistan, was exposed to detention after his return on 19/02/2013 by the PYD forces, and remained under arrest for 79 days in prison in the city of Derik, east of Qamishli.

The ‘Association of Kurdish Writers and Journalists in Syria’ has issued a statement in this regard condoling the victim’s father. The statement strongly condemned the incident, describing it a “heinous crime”.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) expressed its condemnation to the assassination of Bonjiq in an official  statement, declaring the party’s “extreme” sympathy and sorrow for the incident. 


Report by: Zara Seida

Source: ARA News

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